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Blowfish Dishes

Blowfish Set Menu Price JPY15,730 (Tax included)

Light Blowfish Set Menu Price JPY13,310(Tax included)

Natural Blowfish Set Menu Price  from JP 24,200

(Tax included)Prices above are for one person.

Menu ・Appetizer・Blowfish Sashimi・Fried Blowfish・Grilled Blowfish・Blowfish Sushi
・Blowfish Japanese hot pot・Blowfish porridge・Dessert
●The Blowfish Sashimi included in the Light Blowfish Set Menu is a small portion, and Grilled Blowfish is not included.

●Milt of Blowfish is a kind of seasonal menu, which is only offered from December to March.

Kaiseki Ryori

(a kind of Japanese traditional course)  A sample of menu for celebration

You can choose a course according to your budget.

The price range from JPY6,050 to JPY18,150

perso(Tax included).



Lunch Menu

The Lunch Menu is available from 11:30AM to 2:00PM. You may be asked to share a table with other customers.

Japanese Lunch Box includes Japanese Soup and  other dishes, and its price is very reasonable.※We use fresh ingredients to make the Japanese Lunch Box.


JPY3,300(Tax included)

Blowfish Sashimi is not included.


Blowfish Sashimi is only available during the season.

JPY6,600(Tax included)


The group of 10 or more people is available.

(a kind of Local Dish)

Cha-dai sushi

(a kind of Local Dish)

The group of 10 or more people is available.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Contact us +81-972-63-8855

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