Kirakuan is located in Usuki city, Oita Prefecture. We are a Japanese traditional restaurant, which has a long history, and we serve not only Japanese customers but also customers from all over the world.


Long long ago, Japanese started to celebrate a lot of kinds of important events, like 60-years-old birthday, 77-years-old birthday and 88-years-old birthday…
We can prepare and offer an appropriate menu for all kinds of celebrations.
Please choose a menu depends on your need.

Kirakuan is a traditional building which was built in 1912, and all glass sliding doors are preserved perfectly. You can enjoy the beautiful japanese

garden outside from each the private room.


楓 kaede
桃 momo
菊 kiku
椿 tubaki
蘭 ran
米山 yoneyama
松 (大広間) matsu
梅 (中広間) ume
(Middle Room)
(Large Room)

Contact us +81-972-63-8855

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ふぐ・日本料理 喜楽庵

〒875-0041 大分県臼杵市城南9組

TEL 0972-63-8855 FAX 0972-63-8857
営業時間 11:30~15:00 17:00~22:00